Friday, July 29, 2011

50 Million Plus

That was the HUGE news that came from the Visitors Bureau and Mayor Theresa Jacobs back in June. The Orlando area became the first tourist area in the United States to have more than 50 million visitors a year. More people visited our region in 2010 than any other place or time. Both Fun Spot parks saw more people, did more rides, and had growth years in 2010. Thanks to all of you who helped us be part of the Huge news of being the Number #1 tourist city in the US.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Future of Fun Spot

Fridays are not just Facebook contest day at Fun Spot, it is also the day when our team comes together to learn more and team build, (plus we do “Safety Lessons on Safety Fridays”). Today’s Friday meeting was a little more special than usual. Our Owner/CEO/ Founder (the BIG guy), John Arie Sr shared his vision of our future with the expansion of the Orlando Park, Fun Spot Action. One of the first things John said was, “We will have some type of water attraction.” Although no specific plans have been made yet it was very cool to hear that we would have an area to cool off on those hot summer days. Plans for more go-kart tracks, and with the success of our Roller Coaster at the Kissimmee Park, you have to know that a coaster in Orlando is in the plans.

The only definite is that we are already starting to move dirt. That’s right; we have received permits and are building additional parking on the land. Before the end of summer there will be more parking spaces for you and for our employees. But you want more info? Well, we can share with you a “Bubble” drawing that a designer has created of what the park might look like. There will be changes to this first draft, but it gives you some ideas of what we could be doing. What you think of the plans? Add your comments to our Facebook wall. Have a great weekend, at Fun Spot!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Power Trip Coaster is officially Open

“The HUGE day has arrived and now the Power Trip “Spinning” Coaster is open at Fun Spot USA. We had the CEO of Fun Spot, the CEO of Power Trip Energy Drinks, Fun Spot TV Spokesperson, Osceola County Commissioner Michael Harford, and a gator named “Willy Bite” from our friends at Gatorland to chomp down on our Ribbon to open the new ride. If that was not enough, our new 10,000 square foot Arcade/Snack Bar building opened giving our guests great games, great food and a cool dry place to visit if a summer storm should pop up for a short while. If you haven’t been to Fun Spot USA recently, you don’t know what you are missing. Check us out – we are Free Admission. See you soon. It will be Huge!” 
 Photo Courtesy of Orlando Theme Park News

Willy Bite from Gator Land, John Jr and Commissioner Harford

Crowd waiting for their free ride.
 John Sr. and Lois