Monday, December 19, 2011

Fun Spot has a Christmas treat for you.....2 new rides!

Fun Spot USA in Kissimmee – AREA 51
We add to our mix of thrill and excitement the mystery and suspense from an old-time “haunted” attraction updated with strobe lights, mirrors, fog and a good dose of humor. We call it “AREA 51”; you’ll call it Huge Fun. It is included in our Ride Armband and our Extreme Armband, or available for a $3 ticket.  (optional)  We dare you to enter Area 51. We double dare you to experience the thrill of Hot Seat. We triple dare you to fall 300 feet from the World’s Tallest SkyCoaster. Do you dare? 

Fun Spot Action in Orlando – Gyro Loop
After taking a spin on our go-karts, spinning on our Paratrooper and Scrambler rides, now spin upside down on the new Gyro Loop. As you are seated you will go up and spin over and then down and spin around again, sometimes head over heels, other times head first as you are going up and/or down.. If you think the description is dizzying, wait for the ride. Now open. It is included in our Ride Armband and our Unlimited Armband or $3 per ride. You’ll “flip” for it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fun Spot Open Christmas

We at Fun Spot know that people will want to have FUN on Christmas Day. So we will open at 2 pm for great times, great memories at a great value. So you may ask, when does the Fun Spot employees ever get a day off, if we are open on the holidays? The answer is tomorrow! Yep, on Wednesday, December 14th, both of our parks will be closed so that ALL of our employees can enjoy a Christmas Party with each other. So the doors will be closed tomorrow,(and then re-open Thursday at Noon in both parks) BUT you can still purchase unlimited armbands and Annual Passes and book Birthday Parties On-Line at Yes the computers will still work tomorrow. But the employees will “Party On”.

Speaking of Annual Passes, remember we are only doing 1,000 of them. So far hundreds of families have signed up for yearlong fun at both Fun Spot Parks. Order them before December 25th and save $50. That’s a one-third savings. You know if do the math, a $100 Annual Pass that is good for up to 365 Armbands (one a day for a year) would mean the armband would only be 27 cents a day! That’s HUGE savings!