Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SkyCoaster was La Loca Today!

“SkyCoaster was La Loca today as radio personalities La Loca , D Strong and their crews came to soar from the world’s tallest SkyCoaster. Coming from 102 Jamz, these brave people took on the world’s steepest banking curve on our Vortex go-kart track, and then it was to the ultimate thrill, the 300 foot SkyCoaster. Part Sky-diving, part hang-gliding, all thrills. Starting next week Jamz will be offering SkyCoaster tickets on a promotional deal. So if you have the nerves of La Loca and the strength of D Strong, you too can soar.” 

The Big Game with the Huge Guy

At Amway Center this past Tuesday night, the Magic played game 5 in the series and Fun Spot TV spokesperson John Jr celebrated his 32nd Birthday as the guest of Brighthouse television in their private suite. Joined by his wife Tracy, John Jr had a great celebration, even as people stopped and asked him to do his trademark “It’s HUGE!”. John happily will converse with people, do the phrase and talk about Fun Spot. Just don’t ask him to do the dance from the commercial. He is one person who won’t be on Dancing With the Stars anytime in the near future.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Surveys, Surveys, Surveys

Over this past weekend over 200 people were randomly surveyed in our two parks. The consensus seems to be that people would like us to add more water rides and water play areas. People want roller-coasters also. But should we get a wooden coaster, or a steel coaster? People were quite vocally in their opinions with Steel the present favorite. Which would you want? No surprise that our multi-level go-kart tracks were named as the number item that people like the best at Fun Spot. What is your favorite? What do you want us to add to our parks? Let us know.

Monday, April 25, 2011

New Nighttime Commercial

Fun Spot Attractions just released a new commercial shot at our Kissimmee Park showing the park as a happening night spot. While still incorporating the elements from previous commercials, this one shows what our SkyCoaster looks like at night with its light show. Check it out on our website or on Youtube.