Thursday, May 24, 2012

Education is HUGE!!

On May 24th, Orange county schools celebrated with the Annual State of the Schools address. And who was in the audience cheering on our public schools? Is that John Jr, the “It’s HUGE!” Guy?  And who is the pretty redhead next to him? It’s Lola Parsons, the Sales and Groups Manager for Fun Spot Attractions. Oh, she is also his Aunt Lola. Hey we have told you we are a Family Park.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Expansion, again?

We have done a lot of talking about how our Orlando Park is tripling its size and the new rides, roller coasters and attractions we will be adding to Orlando. But once again our Kissimmee Park continues to grow. We have a greater need for a location for the many groups, school trips, and company outings that come to Fun Spot for fun and thrills. So a new open air pavilion is going up. It is expected to be completed in time for the busy summer season. So every time you think you know what we have at Fun Spot USA, better check again, because we keep growing.

Fun Spot Hospitality Days

Fun Spot will host it's annual Hospitality Days Sunday, May 20th - Wednesday, May 23rd.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Racing by Fun Spot Employees

Most people when they think of Fun Spot think of racing go-karts down our multi-level hills. But once a year, in celebration of Tourism Week in early May, the employees of Fun Spot have a chance to race each other. Not in karts or cars but a footrace. We join in with the International Drive Community and participate in the I-Drive 5K. 3.1 miles around the Convention Center, over 1,500 people ran this Saturday morning. 52 of those people wore Fun Spot yellow shirts and are our employees. We had employees in their teens and one in their 60s. Times varied from just under 20 minutes to almost 40 minutes and everything in-between. But ages and times don't matter; what counts is it was a fundraiser for YMCA scholarships, and the fun the employees had racing each other. So next May, feel free to join us and see how you race against the yellow shirts of Fun Spot.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gary Sain You are Missed

Fun Spot along with all of the tourism industry of Central Florida mourns the loss of Visit Orlando (Orlando CVB), President Gary Sain. Gary was a tremendous champion of tourism and Orlando. He passed away very unexpectedly on Friday May 4th after giving a presentation at a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida. He was a friend to the management of Fun Spot. An honorable man of faith and joy, everyone who knew Gary knew he loved his wife of 30+ years, and their grown daughters. Fun Spot is missing a friend.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Even the ducks have Fun

Rainy days can scare some customers away, even though our tracks and rides still run in the rain. But for those who do come out on an overcast, drizzly day, they can see some unexpected guests. The ducks pictured here love to come out on those overcast days and scrounge for dropped popcorn, leftover funnel cakes and other treats. So even ducks have a fun time at Fun Spot. Everyone does, except for geese. When they are here, we get down.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's gone to the dogs!

When John Sr started Fun Spot, he knew he would hire his family members to pitch and help the business grow. Most people know that the TV Spokesman is John Jr. Joining Junior on the billboards have been his son John III, or his daughter Alexis. Plus Aunt Lola, Uncle Bart, Aunt Sara and Cousin Ivy, as well as Junior’s wife, Tracy, all work at Fun Spot. Now even Senior’s dog, Dublin is at Fun Spot, working in the offices and employee break room (looking for treats and fun, just like our customers). So we welcome Dublin Arie to the Fun Spot Family.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Cameras Roll Again

John Jr., Fun Spot Attractions spokesperson, had another taping for some upcoming television spots.

Friday, March 30, 2012

I would like to thank the academy for ….

Okay, so it wasn’t a movie award Fun Spot received last week, but we are still greatly honored. Fun Spot Orlando was named the “Best Outdoor/Indoor Family Entertainment Center in the US”. Tourist Attractions & Parks Magazine polled 8,000 of their readers and handed out plaques last week in Las Vegas to honor the best in the field of Family Entertainment Center, which is the industry name for Fun Parks, Action Parks, and arcades with rides and attractions. There was Best bowling in Rockwall, Texas; Best Roller Skating in Quincy, IL; Best Birthday Parties in Toledo, Ohio, and for best Outdoor and Indoor F.E.C. the winner is Fun Spot! The magazine issued a Press Release on 3/28/12 and will post the list of 11 Winners on their website - .

Generally the rule is that once you add roller coasters, a park is no longer a Family Entertainment Center but becomes an amusement park. So with the addition of our 2 new roller coasters, Fun Spot Orlando will not be eligible for this award in the future. We are honored to be so named while we are still an FEC.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hospitality Employee of the Month....

On Wednesday, March 28, The Kissimmee/Osceola Chamber of Commerce honored Fun Spot USA employee Gilbert Rodriguez as the first Hospitality Employee of the Month. This is the first of a monthly program the Chamber will do to recognize the Hospitality workers in the important industry of Tourism in Osceola County. Kissimmee CVB Director Shelley Maccini, Robin Wells of the Kissimmee Chamber and of the Osceola Resort Area Council, and John Arie Jr, our COO and TV spokesperson presented Gilbert with a plaque and award of Gift Cards. Gil started in the maintenance department but was focused more on customer service, so he became a track attendant, a Ride Lead and then a Track Manager. He first came to Fun Spot as a customer bringing his wife and kids. He told his wife, “Fun Spot is the kind of place I want to work at”. And are we glad he does. So congratulations to Gilbert, and thanks for representing Fun Spot so well to our guests and in the community.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Did you see Fun Spot on TV this week? And I am not talking about our commercials.

Channel 9 did an interview last week on our expansion. Here is a link - We were interviewed on Fox 35 on Monday about Tourism in Osceola County. Then on Monday night at 11, Channel 6 did an interview about our expansion plans. Here is a link to see that interview - Click Orlando. Then on Tuesday, Channel 2 wanted to do a follow-up story on Osceola Tourism plan, but the story got bumped. A little thing called Super Tuesday and the Presidential elections were deemed more important. Oh well.
But stories about our expansion continued to flourish from a story in the L.A. Times newspaper, to Orlando Attraction Magazine, to numerous blogs, and to an internet radio station about tourism – If you read or hear or see a story about Fun Spot Attractions, can you let us know? Email us through our Facebook page or at Sometimes things are said and reported out there and we are the last to hear about it. So will you be our eyes and ears for us? Thanks. Our next blog will tell of a new kids ride at the Orlando Park. Talk to you then.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cameras are rolling

Once again Fun Spot has had the cameras rolling. We have had two Photo Shoots here this week, plus some others earlier this month. First up is a photo shoot for channel 18 – WKCF here in Orlando. They do a Saturday night movie presentation with a hostess named Justine. This year, as we have done for the past two, John Jr will be joining her as co-host for a few months. They taped the intro to the movies, some trivia, and those “We’ll be back in a moment” break announcements. They taped intros for the following four movies, Dancing at Lughnasa, Stir Crazy, Rush hour 2, and a Few Good Men. Here are a couple of photos of them working. 

Then John Sr got into the action when he was interviewed for a documentary called “The History Of International Drive – Part 3”. You can catch Part 1 and 2 on Orange TV, or through the I-Drive Chamber website, or the I-ride Trolley website. Each is 30 minutes long and filled with great info on this famous street we call home. Here are a couple of photos of Senior being interviewed. 

In the past month we have had a number of interesting photo shoots at the two parks. The Youth Group from a local Baptist Church did a comedy video in our Orlando Park. We had cheerleaders do a fashion show for some still photos. We had women doing photos for a calendar, and at our Kissimmee Park, the government of Finland set up a shoot for their national lottery. How is that for diversity in projects?  So don’t be surprised if you come for a visit and we have cameras rolling for some film project. We always knew we had pretty parks, now it is nice that others see those pretty, vibrant and dynamic colors and images for their video.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Food Truck Fun at Fun Spot Action Park

Join us Thursday, March 1st from 5 - 9pm for some Food Truck Fun. The following trucks will be joining us for the FUN!

  • Kona Dog - Hawaiian style hot dogs
  • Shreadables -  shreaded meat in a bread cone
  • Polynesian - chicken/beef entrees - maybe some wings
  • Bistro Babes - gourmet sandwhiches

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Osceola County Rodeo Day Savings

Fun Spot is offering a special savings for Osceola Counties Rodeo Day. You can enjoy 50% off the Unlimited Go Kart Armband on Friday, February 17, 2012 from 10am - 2pm. Come early, save $$$ and play all day!! That's HUGE!!

To receive the savings click HERE and print the coupon.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Become part of the Fun Spot Family!!

Fun Spot is currently accepting applications and will begin hiring at the end of February. You may submit your resume to or print an application from our website. We are looking for smiling faces for our tracks and rides department at our Orlando park. We ask that you do not call the park, simply submit an application or resume and we will review them and conduct interviews the last week of February.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy 2012!!!

Last year was a HUGE year for Fun Spot Attractions as it was our busiest year on record. We used to use a slogan that said “More Tracks, More Rides, More FUN!” For 2011 we would need to add “More People!” So what is ahead for 2012? Well it won’t be the end of the world (though it may feel like it when you soar from our 300 foot SkyCoaster ride). For us it will be a year we build our new expanded Orlando park adding roller coaster, water rides, thrill rides, a restaurant and more. During the busy Christmas Season we tried a new ride at our Kissimmee park called AREA 51.  You, our guests, didn’t care for it, so its history. We believe the customer is right and if a ride is boring and we can replace it with something better, we will. All this to say that our other new ride, GYRO LOOP at the Orlando Park is still under consideration. We will need to decide by February 1st, if we keep it or look for a replacement. So come try it out and let us know via our Facebook page what you thought of it. Is it a keeper? Read more about it below on a previous blog.

On a side note, Fun Spot Attractions was recently honored by having our Marketing Director; Mark Brisson asked to join the Governmental Affairs Advisory Board of IAAPA – The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. Mark presently represents us with two trips a year to Tallahassee. He will now have two trips for IAAPA including an April trip to Washington DC. This Advisory Board of 15 members includes major parks like Disney, Universal, Sea World, Six Flags, Herschends, Morey’s Pier, and other famous parks worldwide. Now Fun Spot has been invited to the table. Not bad for a local, family-owned and family-operated park. A little guy invited to the big table, that’s HUGE!