Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fun Spot is FUN for employees as well as guest!

One of the challenges in making sure our guests have fun is that often our employees have to work on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. So Fun Spot will be open on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we do not open until 2 pm, allowing our employees time to spend with families in the morning. Furthermore, there is a tradition of our management taking turns to make holiday feasts for our employees to eat when they get to work. So if you come these holidays, don’t be surprised if our employees head to our Break Room between rides to gobble down some turkey, potatoes, and stuffing made by a member of management. They return to their rides with a full belly and a smile on their face. Many employees volunteer to work the holiday so they can participate in this Fun Spot tradition. We want it to be a Fun Spot for our employees too.

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