Friday, January 21, 2011

Construction, Construction and more Construction

Our Kissimmee park, Fun Spot USA,  has been extremely busy with many new construction projects. Fun Spot is hoping to reveal the new SkyCoaster building in the next few weeks. Our new "Screamin Eagle" should be delivered in the upcoming weeks as well. There has been much speculation on where the Galaxy Spin will go. Once construction is complete on the new indoor building the ticket booth will be moved along with offices and the old building will be removed to make way for the roller coaster. This portion of the project is still several months away.

The ticket booth and offices slated for demolition.

 Future home of the Galaxy Spin

This will be where the current ticket booth and offices will be moved to.

The new SkyCoaster building that will open shortly

The area is being prepped for the delivery of the "Screamin Eagle"

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