Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Surveys, Surveys, Surveys

Over this past weekend over 200 people were randomly surveyed in our two parks. The consensus seems to be that people would like us to add more water rides and water play areas. People want roller-coasters also. But should we get a wooden coaster, or a steel coaster? People were quite vocally in their opinions with Steel the present favorite. Which would you want? No surprise that our multi-level go-kart tracks were named as the number item that people like the best at Fun Spot. What is your favorite? What do you want us to add to our parks? Let us know.


  1. This is really, really interesting! Does this mean that you are thinking about adding something like that, or is it still a "blue sky" idea?
    If you added a water ride, it would be fantastic, as here in Florida we have the perfect weather for those kinds of rides!
    My personal favorites are the white-water raft rides, but, of course, those rides take up a big area...

  2. We are still in the planning stages, but we have 10 acres to fill. We want to fill the land with things our guest want. We want our guest to want to come to Fun Spot because we have their favorite things. If we put in rides that we think people want we might get it wrong. So we figured we would go straight to the source and ask our guest what they want.

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  4. An out and back designed wooden coaster would be great (maybe use the newer steel tracked design so it's smooth and easier to maintain). A nice lighting package would make it an icon you could see from I-4. Is the Comet that was at Cypress Gardens still for sale? Steel coasters are great but a steel tracked wooden coaster would be amazing and an opportunity of a 1 of a kind ride in Florida.

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  6. If I could offer some suggestions, my first one would be this. Don't think big!
    What I mean by that is realize that no one's gonna come to Orlando to go to Fun Spot, they come for the city, conventions and the theme parks. But that's good for you!
    I would suggest creating even more of a walk in feel, make it so that any one can simply wander into Fun Spot, like your own personal boardwalk. You're right near International and there's always tons of people walking up and down that road. Use that, have two or three entrances into Fun Spot right on the road, that way as people are walking down the street they could simply wander inside see the sights and spend money! Trust me, me and my friends are always walking along International whenever were in Orlando, and if there was a place like Fun Spot where we don't feel like we have to buy a ticket to enter, we'd head right inside and spend some money of a few rounds of go-carts. X3
    Also, trees! They're so helpful in parks, they cover up unwanted equipment and buildings, and best of all when people enter Fun Spot a nice wall of trees surrounding the place will keep there eyes inside instead of out. Oh and I'd also suggest a tall ride, something people could see from along International, you aren't exactly on the road so people might not see you.
    Hope those suggestions help, I've always loved and followed the construction of theme parks, and it you work it well, your place could be the premier location along International Drive.