Monday, May 16, 2011

What do you want?

Fun Spot has 10 acres to fill at their location in Orlando and we want to know...What do you want? Our owner, John Arie and his son John Arie Jr. are traveling the country with several of our maintenance crew and managers to scout out new attractions for the 10 acres. Below are several rides that they have looked at. What do you think? Would one of these make a great addition to our park?


  1. Are the last two photos hinting to a new water park? Overall, I can't wait to see what you'll come up with!

  2. We are not set on one type of attraction, but we are listening to our guest and most have said they would like some water attraction. We feel it's only fair to give back to our guest by having great attractions that they want, so we are in the process of checking out other parks around the country to find the best fit for Fun Spot.

  3. I lovw the go carts. I dirt or clay ovel flat or banked would rock.
    I do like the water park idea as well I have childern 2 7 & 11 stuf for them to do while we enjoy the go karts. You guys rock

  4. I like the idea of the first picture you have posted. I am not a fan of the tiny "log" style water rides. I think having the wider set seats are more family oriented. Plus, a water ride will help with summer heat!

    If the space allows, the river raft rides are also usually very entertaining and fun for families.

    I would also like to see a really tall attraction. Maybe an observation tower to see all of Orlando. Or even a free fall tower. But not the typical rise and drop. I've seen some where they rise, do a spin, then fall, so you get to see all your surroundings. plus, this will allow for further branding, and putting "Fun Spot" at the top for people to see from the road and such.

    I also love your go carts. They are so much fun! Maybe a car coaster will keep with that theme. Go Carts aren't fast enough? A coaster with seats like cars that zoom on by.

    I look forward to the expansion and hopefully another catchy commercial! :D

    Best of luck,