Friday, March 30, 2012

I would like to thank the academy for ….

Okay, so it wasn’t a movie award Fun Spot received last week, but we are still greatly honored. Fun Spot Orlando was named the “Best Outdoor/Indoor Family Entertainment Center in the US”. Tourist Attractions & Parks Magazine polled 8,000 of their readers and handed out plaques last week in Las Vegas to honor the best in the field of Family Entertainment Center, which is the industry name for Fun Parks, Action Parks, and arcades with rides and attractions. There was Best bowling in Rockwall, Texas; Best Roller Skating in Quincy, IL; Best Birthday Parties in Toledo, Ohio, and for best Outdoor and Indoor F.E.C. the winner is Fun Spot! The magazine issued a Press Release on 3/28/12 and will post the list of 11 Winners on their website - .

Generally the rule is that once you add roller coasters, a park is no longer a Family Entertainment Center but becomes an amusement park. So with the addition of our 2 new roller coasters, Fun Spot Orlando will not be eligible for this award in the future. We are honored to be so named while we are still an FEC.

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