Thursday, May 17, 2012

Racing by Fun Spot Employees

Most people when they think of Fun Spot think of racing go-karts down our multi-level hills. But once a year, in celebration of Tourism Week in early May, the employees of Fun Spot have a chance to race each other. Not in karts or cars but a footrace. We join in with the International Drive Community and participate in the I-Drive 5K. 3.1 miles around the Convention Center, over 1,500 people ran this Saturday morning. 52 of those people wore Fun Spot yellow shirts and are our employees. We had employees in their teens and one in their 60s. Times varied from just under 20 minutes to almost 40 minutes and everything in-between. But ages and times don't matter; what counts is it was a fundraiser for YMCA scholarships, and the fun the employees had racing each other. So next May, feel free to join us and see how you race against the yellow shirts of Fun Spot.

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